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Menoveda provides emotional solace by means of support, and info, as well as physical support by way of personalized medication - whenever you need it, however you need it!

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Age: 47 yrs

Concern: Fatigue, Dizziness, Feeling Cold

Elevated Doshas: Vata & Kapha

Having a full time job, two teenage kids and being a homemaker as well, sure gets tiring but in the last few months this has felt more than usual, I was experiencing my usual tiredness and body ache and would also get dizzy during the day. That is when my colleague suggested I take Amaya by Menoveda and it has been life changing for me.

I feel like myself again, I have regained my strength to carry out my daily tasks and much more.


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Age: 42 yrs

Concern: Mood Swings, Lack of motivation and Loss of Confidence
Elevated Doshas: Tridoshas

Being women we are often told that mood swings are a part and parcel of life but this was different, I had started feeling detached and lacked interest in most things that I did. My husband noticed these symptoms and got me Menoveda’s Akira. At first I got really angry at him but then when I started taking these, the change was almost instant. It helped me with my stress and honestly, saved many of my relationships.


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Age: 54 years
Concern: Joint Pain, Sagging Breasts, Bladder Weakness and des
Elevated Doshas: Vata and Kapha

I'm well aware that old age brings its own set of problems, whether it's skin problems, weakened bones, or even a lack of sexual desire.But does it have to be that way? I wondered and then searched a lot about my symptoms, and to my resolve, I found a combination of products by Menoveda. I purchased Amaya & Adira, started taking them religiously, and in just 15 days, all aspects seemed better, and I got even chirpier than I would like to admit. Thanks, Menoveda; I didn’t know getting old could also feel this good.


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Age: 61
Concern: Tiredness, Low Immunity, and Heart Palpitations

I am a grandmother of four, but thanks to Menoveda, I still feel like I am in my late 40s at most. My daughter Ruchika bought these multivitamins, Aadya, for her mother-in-law and me. I was hesitant at first, but I caved when I discovered she was also using them. In fact, all the women in our house are using them now, and we haven't felt better than this before. I barely feel the need for my afternoon naps, and the best part is I can take them with my medicines for diabetes and blood pressure. After witnessing the results, I
recommend it to all women in my society and sociel circle.


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Age: 46
Concern: Weight gain, Sore Breasts, Hot Flushes, and Mood Swings
Elevated Doshas: Tridosha

Nobody believes I am in my 40s. We just moved to a new city, a new society, and obviously it’s a new circle here. When I introduced myself as the wife amongst my husband’s peers, they were all taken aback by how young I look. Well, this wasn’t always the case; my tiredness and irritability would clearly show on my face until my sister recommended Asaya & Adira, my two new best friends. Shortly after starting to use these miraculous products, I noticed a reduction in hot flashes, my breasts felt better, and I now swear by them because this was the only lifestyle change I had made.


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