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Navigate Menopause With Ayurvedic Menopause Supplements

The word “Menopause” brings with it a surge of a lot of emotions and questions among women all around the world. We have often heard about it from our mothers and grandmothers, yet we feel scared and anxious from facing it.

Menopause is a phase which marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years and propels her into a new phase in her life. Just like any other change, menopause brings with it, an onset of physical, mental and emotional changes that need to be manoeuvred around with care and caution.

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There are many ways to sail through this menopausal voyage smoothly, such as practising meditation, relaxing yoga exercises, keeping a check on your diet, etc. However, one of the effective ways to deal with menopause and its various attributions is by including Ayurvedic supplements, that help in easy “menopausal transition”.

Menoveda - A brand By Women, For Women, lets you embrace this new phase of your life by offering customised product boxes based on your Menoveda’s proprietary quiz results. We understand how painful, confusing and challenging this phase can be for you, thus, we offer you products that make things easy for you.

Before we move on to the various menopausal supplements available to us, let us understand the various phases of menopause.

What Are The Stages Of Menopause

Menopause is not just a one-day activity, rather, it is categorised into various phases; each with unique characteristics; that ultimately lead to a culmination of a woman’s reproductive years. Curious to know about the various stages? Let’s read about them below:

Stage 1: Perimenopause

This phase marks the beginning of the menopausal journey and it can begin in late thirties or early forties. Perimenopause might cause your periods to become irregular, change in libido, hot flashes, night sweats and many other symptoms. During this phase, the estrogen levels in a woman can fluctuate and all the above-mentioned symptoms can intensify over the years.

Stage 2: Menopause

Menopause is the absence of periods consecutively for twelve months. During menopause, a woman might experience mood swings, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and a plethora of symptoms. The average age for women to experience menopause is 40-50 years, but it can vary from person to person. The average age of menopause in india is 46.5 years which is 5 years earlier than our western counterparts and is rapidly going down given our lifestyles.

Stage 3: Postmenopause

This is the phase that persists post-menopause. At this stage, a woman's body has adjusted to low estrogen levels but some symptoms like bone health, stress, gut health, brain fog hot flashes etc., might continue. Women need to pay categorical attention to their health postmenopause as there is a greater risk of developing heart disease, urinary tract infections or osteoporosis.

No matter in which stage you are, it is always advised to stay on top of your health to deal with various hormonal changes at ease. Menoveda’s Ayurvedic formulation of plant-based and cruelty-free menopause supplements is your best friend for coming out of this phase smoothly. Let’s check out our wide range of best menopause supplements.

Menoveda - India’s 1st Menopause Only Brand

The menopause supplements on Menoveda are modelled around the scriptures of Ayurveda. The time-tested efficacy and long-term effects of our menopause relief tablets will become your trusted ally as you navigate the testing waters of menopause. Menoveda’s framework allows you to cultivate a tailored self-care routine with menopause supplements suggested and chosen as per your specific requirements. Ayurveda offers a holistic solution for the symptoms attributed to menopause by virtue of dosha balancing. Therefore, our menopause support tablets are as wholesome as it gets.

Different Types Of Ayurvedic Menopause Supplements Available At Menoveda

Before we embark on the variety of menopause relief supplements we have to offer, it is crucial for you to understand your menopausal journey. As no two journeys are the same, the menopausal phase too differs from what your mother witnessed, to what you are going to witness.

To make this process easy for you, we have brought you a quick health quiz online, where you can select your goals like hair, skin, immunity, etc., the various symptoms you are going through, lifestyle patterns, family history of diseases, etc and then based on the complete analysis, we help you create a plan that can make this transition a smooth sailing for you.

Here is our list of the best menopause supplements (first-ever launched menopause supplements in India)

Akira- Menopause Tablets for Mental Wellbeing

The prodigal formulation of this Ayurvedic menopause supplement embodies the powerful combination of Shatavari, Mukta Pishti, Jatamansi, Gutuchi, Brahmi, Gotu Kola and many other Ayurvedic herbs. It can nourish your mind and body while making you feel more centred and relaxed. These menopause support tablets are essential in empowering your mind to address and alleviate any kind of stress, anxiety, hot flashes, brain fog, insomnia or mood swings.

Amaya - Menopause Tablets for Fitness and Strength

These menopause tablets embody the benefits of Moringa, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Guggul and many other herbs. Many women complain of unsubstantiated weight gain postmenopause. It could be due to many factors such as fluctuation in hormonal levels, lack of exercise etc. (1) Our menopause supplement called Amaya for fitness and strength can balance your hormonal levels and strengthen your body to manage its weight by warding off bloating, body aches, joint pain, weight gain issues and fatigue.

Asaya - Menopause Tablets for Dermal Health

For those who wish to take care of their tresses during menopause, this is one of the best menopause supplements that you can take. It contains a blend of Ayurvedic herbs such as Neem, Amla, Guduchi, Chirata, Abrak Bhasam, etc. Besides rejuvenating your skin health, it can also alleviate issues like hair thinning, hair fall and brittle nails, vaginal dryness and pigmentation.

Aadya - Multivitamin for Women

These menopause tablets are enriched with the goodness of 40 herbs to elevate your body’s immunity levels and effectively replenish your nutritional gaps. It contains the power of herbs like Shatavari, Sonth, Arjun Chaal, Vatch, Amla, etc


Adira is made from a robust blend of herbs like Horny goat weed, Wild Yam and Gokhru. This Ayurvedic supplement will rekindle your libido and take care of your intimate and sexual health. By regulating hormones, this natural supplement is a natural option for all those who are looking to manage their intimate health during menopause.

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Serum

This hair growth serum has been carefully crafted under the celerity guidance of hair experts and Ayurvedic doctors. It contains a powerful blend of 10 plus dry herbs including Ashwagandha, curry leaves, etc. The dry herbs are amalgamated with growth oils such as Kalonji Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil. In addition to promoting hair growth, it can help in controlling scalp infection and hair fall as well.

Bloat - Ayurvedic Tablets for Digestive Care

This is an excellent pick for women who are looking for Ayurvedic menopause supplements to take care of their digestive health. It contains an exceptional blend of ingredients such as Asafoetida, Ginger, Mentha, Lasuna, Kali Mur, etc. These menopause tablets can relieve digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, flatulence, etc.

With the above menopause relief supplements, that have clinically proven ingredients, clinical trials of products are also done, and Akira’s human trial report is published on Researchgate and does not possess any side effects, our goal is not just to provide a quick fix, but to extend the benefits of these highly reviewed menopause supplements into your future to facilitate enduring well-being.

Why Ayurvedic Supplements for Menopause

Ayurvedic medicine for menopause has exceptional rejuvenating and balancing properties. They work wonders to help you bring about a hormonal balance and augment holistic well-being. We are an Indian brand for menopause that has interlaced the prodigious advancements in technology into the bounties of nature to create stellar Ayurvedic formulations that will transform the manner in which you perceive self-care during the menopausal period.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Manage Menopause Symptoms

Besides including our menopause natural supplements in your routine, it is crucial to bring some positive changes to your lifestyle as well. A well-balanced lifestyle can help in managing various symptoms associated with menopause and promote overall well-being. Here are some of the changes our team of Ayurvedic experts recommend to you:

Make yourself a Priority and take that first step.

  • You should eat a well-balanced diet so that your body can be adequately nourished to brave through the stages of menopause.
  • It is advisable to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Regular exercising and strength training can help you manage your weight and stay fit.
  • Along with a well-balanced diet, you must also consult your healthcare provider and take some Ayurvedic supplements to augment your bone health.
  • Practice mindfulness through yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. This will help you reduce stress and manage mood swings.
  • Get adequate sleep, rest well, stay hydrated and adopt the best menopause supplements to reinforce your body’s natural mechanism of efficiently handling menopause and its symptoms.

Why Choose Menoveda?

We take pride in being the India’s first menopause only supplements brand. Our menopause relief supplements are a perfect amalgamation of the ancient science of Ayurveda and modern technology. By means of support, personalised medication and information, we provide you with simple solutions and no false claims, we make this natural phase of life more cherishing and easy to breeze through.

The time-tested and effective formulations of our products are gluten-free, hormone-free, soy-free and have NO-GMO, toxin free making them absolutely safe to use.

Not only this, but we also provide you with an opportunity to connect with our team of specialised doctors and experts. We are just a call away!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your consultation today and let this phase pass on with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions On Menopause Supplements

1. What is the most important vitamin for menopause?

The most important vitamin for menopausal women is Vitamin D. (2)

2. What is the best natural menopause relief?

To naturally manage your menopausal symptoms, you must follow an active lifestyle and consume a well-balanced diet. You can also include plant-based, hormone-free, gluten-free and soy-free menopause supplements in your routine.

3. What vitamins should a 50-year-old woman take?

Before taking any supplements you should always get in touch with your healthcare provider. Generally, a 50-year-old woman should take Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Omega 3 and Iron.

4. What vitamin do you lack during menopause?

Fluctuating levels of oestrogen can lead to reduced levels of Vitamin D in menopausal women.

5. Which Ayurvedic herb is good for menopause?

Shatavari is believed to be the best Ayurvedic herb for menopause. (3) You can take our health quiz to figure out the best herbs and Ayurvedic supplements for yourself. Having said that, it is always advisable to consult your healthcare provider before making any changes in your medication and diet during menopause.

6. What are the three phases of menopause?

The three phases of menopause are Perimenopause, Menopause and Postmenopause.

7. What are the hormones affected during menopause?

Oestrogen and progesterone are the two hormones that are mainly affected during menopause. (4)

8. How long can menopause last?

Menopause can last for 4-5 years and then the Postmenopause phase extends indefinitely after that. However, there is no rigid duration for menopause; it can be different time periods for different women.

9. Does everyone need HRT?

No. Hormonal replacement therapy is not needed by every woman who undergoes menopause. The decision to opt for HRT will depend upon your menopausal symptoms and the manner in which you are able to handle them. Some women are able to navigate this phase with lifestyle changes and befitting Ayurvedic supplements.

10. Will Ayurveda work for Menopausal transitions?

Yes. Ayurveda offers natural and time-tested remedies for handling Menopausal transitions. The Ayurvedic supplements when taken in concurrence with a balanced diet, an active lifestyle and a mindful approach can work wonders for efficiently handling Menopause.

11. What are the most common symptoms of menopause?

Weight gain, hot flashes, changes in sex drive and mood swings are some of the most common symptoms of menopause.

12. What products are good for menopause?

You can browse through our range of menopause supplements and get in touch with our specialised doctors and experts to figure out what menopause support tablets will work best for you.

13. Which menopause supplements are best?

Menoveda’s Ayurvedic menopause supplements are considered to be the best for menopause.

14. Do menopause supplements really work?

Our menopause supplements are anchored to time-tested Ayurvedic wisdom and hence, you can rest assured about there efficacy.