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Is Bloating Related to Menstruation

Is Bloating Related to Menstruation

Are you feeling bloated all of a sudden? Maybe your periods are coming up! Bloating in menstruation is common for women. It is that uncomfortable feeling of being tight and overly full. Bloating before period is a topic that often lingers in the background, quietly discussed with close friends or frantically researched online in the dead of the night. However, we are here to shed some light on it. Together, we'll unravel the ties and dispel misconceptions about bloating during period - a misunderstood aspect of women's health.

What is Bloating?

Have you ever wondered about the pesky physical phenomenon of bloating? Bloating is the unpleasant feeling of being overly stuffed in your abdomen, often accompanied by a visibly swollen belly. It can make you feel like you've devoured a whole feast, even if you've barely had a bite. And behold, it is often accompanied by its faithful sidekick – the menstrual cycle. Yes, bloating before period is more common than you can think. 

Bloating can also take place due to other reasons like 

  • Swallowing too much air
  • Irritable bowel syndrome 
  • Constipation 

But let us check why bloating during period occurs in women.

Why You Might Experience Bloating in Menstruation

The menstrual cycle is orchestrated by hormones and it spans for approximately 28 days. As this cycle unfolds, the body experiences distinct phases. Among these hormones, estrogen and progesterone reign as the key players, working tirelessly to prepare the body for the possibility of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes

During menstruation, the uterine wall contracts and sheds its lining due to the production of prostaglandins - hormone-like substances. These prostaglandins can cause various symptoms like diarrhoea, cramping in the stomach, and bloating during periods

Water Retention

After ovulation progesterone is released which can also be a cause of water retention. The surge in water retention in the body can also lead to bloating in menstruation. (1) With rising progesterone levels the body tends to hold on to sodium resulting in increased water retention.

So if you are feeling your favourite pair of jeans has mysteriously shrunk overnight just when you are about to start with your periods, you are actually experiencing bloating in menstruation that can happen before and during the cycle. 

Estrogen Levels

During the menstrual cycle, the fluctuation of estrogen levels can also lead to bloating. Estrogen plays a role in the body's fluid balance, and changes in its levels can affect the amount of water retention. As your cycle progresses, this hormonal imbalance may cause you to feel as though you are inflating and deflating like a balloon. Bloating is also common if you are hitting menopause because that is the time when your body undergoes massive hormonal changes.

Other Factors 

While hormonal changes play a big role in the bloating game, there are other things to take into account that can make bloating before periods worse. Physical activity, stress levels, and dietary decisions, wrong lifestyle choices can create havoc on your body. For example, eating foods high in salt can make water retention worse. 

How to Reduce Bloating?

Here’s what you can do if you are experiencing bloating before periods.

  • Stay Hydrated to regulate your fluid levels in the body 
  • Reduce your sodium intake 
  • Focus on whole foods and fibre-rich foods 
  • Exercising and yoga are good options for reducing bloating during menstruation
  • Take Ayurvedic digestive supplements like Menoveda’s  Bloat which helps reduce digestive problems and bloating and can calm rumbling in your stomach. 

To sum up, when you are aware of the subtle changes in your body you are better equipped to handle it with ease and grace. Remember bloating in menstruation is common and can be easily tackled when you stick to a healthy lifestyle. If you are experiencing any other sypmtoms during perimenopause or menopause years, try choosing Ayurvedic menopause tablets from Menoveda for better well-being and passing menopause smoothly and naturally.