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Night Sweats in Women: Navigating Menopause


Menopause - a phase that every woman fears but it’s inevitable in every woman’s life. It’s a time that marks the ending of women’s reproductive power. But it’s not something that suddenly comes one day and your menstrual cycle stops. It’s a long process that can last up to 12 years. So as you slowly get a hang of it, nights start to trouble you. Every night becomes a nightmare when menopause night sweats keep you awake night after night and you struggle to be awake during the day and face all sorts of side effects of insomnia. It’s not a fun ride, we understand and support menopausal women to be aware of their bodies and help them handle this situation.  

Night Sweats in Women

Before we dive deep into the discussion of night sweats in females, let’s understand what it is. As per a study published by the National Institutes of Health, menopause night sweats are episodes of profuse sweating night after night. (1) The sweating is so heavy that you might need to change your nightclothes several times at night or your bedding gets drenched in sweat. This uncomfortable menopause symptom can make you feel so hot at night that you feel like you are on fire. So what causes menopause night sweats in women? Menopause and sweating in sleep are vasomotor symptoms (VMS) that affect almost 75% of women. (2) When night sweats occur, your blood vessels dilate to cool down the blood. These sudden, intense bursts of heat can disrupt sleep and make you prone to insomnia-related emotional and physical complications.


Reasons for Night Sweats in Females

Understanding the root causes of menopause night sweats in women is essential for effective management. As oestrogen and progesterone levels decrease in menopausal women, they face unpleasant changes in the body that sometimes need medical attention. The body's thermostat becomes dysregulated, and the hypothalamus fails to perform at its optimum level. This leads to sudden temperature spikes and subsequent night sweats. Even menstrual women can face uncomfortable sweating in sleep because oestrogen level decreases right before menstruation. It’s also common among pregnant women in their first and third trimesters. But it eventually stops after childbirth.

5 Proven Ways to Manage Menopausal Night Sweats

Night sweats in women are difficult but the right treatment, tips and tricks help you regulate the situation better. We know it’s not fun dealing with soggy blankets and linens day after day. So the simplest solution is incorporating solutions that improve your situation. Let’s explore tips to manage menopause night sweats in females:

1. Determine Your Triggers

Each woman is different and so is the trigger of the menopause sweating. Hot drinks, spicy foods, smoking, stress, being overweight, alcohol, warm clothes, a warm environment, and acidic foods can lead to sweating in sleep. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Adequate hydration supports your body's internal thermostat. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

3. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Unhealthy diet practices, a sedentary lifestyle and a high-stress environment can wreak havoc on your psychological and physiological health. One of the most effective solutions to improve menopause sweating is to maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, vitamin E, Omega 3, and whole grains. Avoid triggers like caffeine and spicy foods that can exacerbate night sweats.

4. Regular Exercise

There is nothing better than engaging in regular physical activity to keep yourself active and in the best health possible. Even light exercises like morning or evening walks can reduce stress, and maintain a healthy weight.

5. Supplements for Night Sweats and Menopause Tablets

As medical science and Ayurveda have advanced, brands like Menoveda have stepped into the market to change the agonising condition of menopausal women for the better. Menoveda offers menopause tablets and supplements for night sweats like Amaya to let women control their overnight sweats. 

It’s true that menopausal night sweats are challenging, and hamper the regular lifestyle of women. But there are proven solutions to fight off the situation and improve one’s condition. Implementing tips and tricks that help you manage menopause sweating and incorporating essential supplements and tablets in your routine can improve your quality of life. There’s nothing like a holistic approach that includes lifestyle modifications and being in control of your health. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Night Sweats

Q How do I know if my night sweats are from Menopause?

Ans: Determining the cause of night sweats can be complex, but if you are experiencing other menopausal symptoms such as irregular periods, mood swings, and hot flashes, or your age is around 50 and you are waking up with cold sweats daily, menopause could be the reason behind this.

Q When should I be worried about night sweats?

Ans: While night sweats are common during menopause, excessive sweating disrupts your daily life or stops you from sound sleep throughout the night day after day, you should be concerned about your health. If along with night sweats, you experience pain, fever or weight loss, it’s time to book an appointment with a medical professional to rule out underlying medical conditions that may contribute to severe night sweats.