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Menopause Quotes: A Beacon of Light Amid Change

Menopause Quotes

Menopause is not just a phase that comes and goes; it’s a beginning. As women experience the excruciating pain of their monthly cycle, childbearing, and childbirth - all these come to an end with menopause. It’s a time riddled with happiness, confusion, mood swings, sadness, and a sense of freedom. Women have been tackling the menopausal journey with grace since time immemorial. The older women who are already done with menopause, are teaching the newer generation of menopausal women about this challenging journey through quotes. Keeping aside the physical and emotional struggles, there are hundreds of positive menopause quotes to soothe the souls of women undergoing this transition. Let's explore these menopause quotes today with this blog: 

33 Menopause Quotes For The Lovely Women

  1. “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”— Audrey Hepburn
  2. “Menopause is not the end; it's a new beginning. Embrace the changes, and you'll find the strength within.” - Anonymous
  3. “Life doesn't end with menopause; it's the beginning of a new adventure. Strap in and enjoy the ride!” - Helen Mirren, actor
  4. “Menopause is like a finely aged wine - it gets better with time.” - Unknown
  5. “Hot flashes: your body's way of saying, I'm too hot to handle.” - Unknown
  6. “You start to feel happy that you have no hips or boobs. All of a sudden you get them and it feels sloppy. Then just when you start liking them, they start drooping.” ― Cindy Crawford, model and TV personality
  7. “Menopause is like autumn leaves falling; it's a natural shedding of the old to make way for the new.” - Patricia Akins, author
  8. “I think menopause gets a really bad rap and needs a bit of a rebranding. I don’t think we have in our society a great example of an aspirational menopausal woman.” — Gwyneth Paltrow
  9. “Menopause isn't an ending; it's a metamorphosis into a beautiful, powerful butterfly.” - Unknown
  10. “Amid change, we find our true selves. Embrace the woman you are becoming during menopause.” - Anonymous
  11. “Gravity and wrinkles are fine with me. They're a small price to pay for the new wisdom inside my head and my heart.” – Drew Barrymore
  12. “Life is a journey, and menopause is just another step on the path. Keep moving forward.” - Anonymous
  13. “If menopause had a theme song, it would be 'Hot Stuff' by Donna Summer.” - Unknown
  14. “The good thing about menopause: no more monthly visitors. The bad thing: you gain a permanent internal furnace.” - Anonymous
  15. “I have to start loving what comes next and stop hating it. I won't be a part of it.” — Linda Robinson, author
  16. "I see menopause as the start of the next fabulous phase of life as a woman. Now is a time to ‘tune in’ to our bodies and embrace this new chapter. If anything, I feel more myself and love my body more now, at 58 years old, than ever before." – Kim Cattrall, actress
  17. "All of a sudden I don't mind saying to people, 'You know what? Get out of my life. You're not right for me.’ It's wonderful and liberating." – Whoopi Goldberg, TV personality
  18. “Menopause: when your thermostat becomes your most important possession.” – Anonymous
  19. “Menopause: Mother Nature’s way of saying, ‘You’re welcome, honey, for not having to deal with monthly mood swings and cramps anymore!'” – Anonymous
  20. “Menopause: the time in a woman’s life where ‘Are you hot?’ is no longer a pick-up line.” – Anonymous
  21. “The peri-menopause symptoms can be managed by making lifestyle changes. Think of the symptoms as your body’s way of crying out for love, help, and attention.” — Tanith Lee
  22. “Our mothers were largely silent about what happened to them as they passed through this midlife change. But a new generation of women has already started to break the wall of silence.” – Trisha Posne
  23. “I call the Change of Life ‘Orchids’ because menopause is such an ugly word. It’s got men in it for god sakes.” – Lisa Jey Davis
  24. “It’s such a cold night and it’s the only time I’ve actively been grateful for menopause. I’ve been entirely comfortable.” – Emma Thompson
  25. “If men went through menopause, we’d know everything about it, but we still don’t even know if we should be taking hormones.” ~ Joycelyn Elders
  26. “Women know when they’ve got the menopause but men don’t quite know. They know it afterwards.” ~ Omar Sharif
  27. “I’m enjoying my life, post-menopause, so much. It’s just so great to grow into yourself, and not be bothered with all that tyranny of biology.” ~ Roseanne Barr
  28. “A study says owning a dog makes you 10 years younger. My first thought was to rescue two more, but I don’t want to go through menopause again.” ~ Joan Rivers
  29. “Menopause: the phase where my emotions go from ‘Don’t mess with me’ to ‘I could start crying anytime.'” – Anonymous
  30. “Menopause: when life gives you hot flashes, make margaritas.” – Anonymous
  31. “Menopause is just puberty’s evil older sister.” – Anonymous
  32. “Menopause: the moment where I understand why my mother always carried a handheld fan.” – Anonymous
  33. “Menopause, it’s the best form of birth control. Face it graciously and brag about it. It’s great.” – Paula Weidager
  34. “Menopause is like having a permanent campfire inside you, except there are no marshmallows involved.” – Anonymous

Menopause is a phase that no menstruating woman can skip. Along with various support groups, these menopause humor quotes and positive menopause quotes help women ride the wave of perimenopause and menopause. These captions make the journey easier, relatable and offer the power to find humor even during the toughest times of life. When you find strength in these quotes, there are authentic, ISO and Ayush-certified menopause supplements available in the form of Akira, Amaya, Asaya, Adira, and Aadya by Menoveda. Make these natural supplements a part of your daily diet to deal with the menopausal challenges with grace and comfort. Each supplement targets different menopausal concerns and lets women experience a smoother journey through menopause.