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11 Interesting Facts About Women One Should Know

11 Interesting Facts About Women One Should Know

“A woman should be two things, who and what she wants to be” Coco Channel. Women have always been the architects of change, tenacity, and inspiration. The tapestry of womanhood is rich and diverse, with many intriguing and lesser-known aspects hidden beneath the well-known narratives. Let's learn some fascinating facts about women in this blog that might surprise and amuse you.

The First Computer Programmer was a Woman

Did you know, the first ever computer programmer was a woman? Yes, The first computer programmer in history is said to have been the English mathematician and author Ada Lovelace. She was a pioneer in computer science since she imagined a machine that could do more than just calculate in the 19th century. These interesting facts about women must be shared more for awareness.

Inventor of Monopoly, the Popular Board Game was a Woman

Elizabeth Magie from Illionois, USA created and patented the well-known board game Monopoly in 1903. Originally titled "The Landlord's Game," Magie created it to show how land monopolies affect the economy.

The First Woman in Space

In 1963, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first female space traveller in history. Her groundbreaking voyage on board the Vostok 6 spacecraft represented a critical turning point in space exploration history. Isn’t that an amazing feat at 1963? 

Women Blink More Often 

Let us share some interesting scientific facts about women that might surprise you. Did you know that women blink nearly twice as often as men do on average? It is believed that the physiological variations in tear production and ocular lubrication are related to this increased blink rate.

Women’s Heart Beats Faster than Men’s 

Adult male heart rates typically range from 70 to 72 beats per minute, whereas adult female heart beats typically 78 to 82 times in a minute. The heart is usually smaller in females than in males, which accounts for a large portion of this difference.

Women Have Higher Pain Tolerance 

Women can withstand pain better than men. It's possible that women's evolutionary role as primary carers accounts for this increased pain tolerance. 

Women have Better Muscle Flexibility than men

One of the unique women facts lies in the fact that female muscles and tendons are far more flexible than men’s. Women’s muscles contain more elastin and their lower spine is designed to accommodate childbirth resulting in better flexibility. 

Women Have Better Memory than Men 

Are you wondering how women remember every small detail (whether you like it or not)? They in fact have better memory than men. Women can even remember faces better than their male counterparts. 

Ancient Egyptian Women were Powerful 

Did you this interesting fact about women in ancient Egypt? Socially ancient Egyptian women were so powerful that they ran their own companies, bought and sold real estate and even testified in king’s court. 

Women are Better Multi-Taskers 

Various studies have often indicated that women might be more adept at multitasking than men. The anatomy and physiology of the female brain are thought to have an impact on this ability.

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