Emotional Well-Being and Dermal Health Combo + Free Expert's Consultation

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Look & Feel Your Best - Comprehensive Set

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Our Asaya & Akira combo has been created to make you feel as amazing as you look. Asaya takes care of your skin health while Akira concentrates on your wellbeing.

Helps in combating stress & fatigue
Works great for coping with Insomnia and Sleep disorders
Makes you feel calm and relaxed, while taking care of Anxiety
Helps in Mood swings, Hot flashes & Night sweats
Takes care of Hair fall & Hair thinning
Aids in rejuvenating Skin Health

Akira - Emotional Wellbeing
Akira by Menoveda is a precision formula that combines the power of Sarpagandha, Shatavari, Mukta Pishti, Ashwagandha, Jatamansi, Guduchi, Brahmi, Gotu Kola, Shankhpushpi and several other ayurvedic herbs to alleviate menopause symptoms

Asaya - Dermal Health
Asaya by Menoveda is a precision formula that combines the power of Neem, Guduchi, Shatavari, Abrak Bhasm, Guggul, Haldi, Loh Bhasm, Babul, Sweet Indrajao, Amla, Anantmool, & Chirata to alleviate menopause symptoms.

Consume Daily

Total dosage : 4 tablets per day
Akira: 1 tablet after breakfast and 1 tablet after dinner
Asaya: 1 tablets after breakfast and 1 tablets after dinner

We recommend to consume these tablets for minimum 3 months to get better results. These tablets are non habit forming and works on the root cause for prevention and recovery.

Total dosage : 1 tablets per day in the after noon

If you are on any other medication, please take a 20-30 minutes gap between consuming them.

Anxiety, Brain Fog, Breathing Difficulties, Depression, Dizziness, Headaches & Migraines, Heart Palpitations, Hot Flashes, Irritability, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Concentration, Lack of Self Esteem & Confidence, Mood Swings, Night Sweats, Panic Disorder, Short-Term Memory Issues Sleep Issues & Insomnia, Weight Gain Issues

Acne, Altered Skin, Burning Mouth Syndrome, Changes in Skin Texture, Itchy Crawly Skin, Nail Changes, Sore Breasts, Thinning Hair, Vaginal Dryness and Tears, Perspiration, Dryness of skin, nose, mouth and eyes, Vulvovaginitis, Change in taste and smell, Alopecia, Hirsutism

Ayurvedic dermal and mental health kit for menopause

Emotional Well-Being and Dermal Health Combo + Free Expert's Consultation

60 tablets/bottle | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Best Seller

Rs. 3,350.00 Rs. 2,400.00
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Ayurvedic Formulation

Hormone Free

Soy Free

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Plant Based

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